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Title: Good for Nothing
Pairing: Bellatrix/Voldemort
Prompt Number: #250, "Rape fantasy", submitted by [ profile] agirlnamedtruth for [ profile] hp_kinkfest.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3 200
Summary: She can try to be a Death Eater, to serve him like all the others do, but he would rather just use her like he would use any woman.
Warnings: Heavy on rape, light on fantasy. Non-con, dirty talk (of a slut-shame-y variety), misogyny

Good for Nothing )
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Title: Bellatrix's Lovers - Pigeon Wings
Pairing: Bellatrix/Ted
Prompt: Pigeon Wings on [ profile] 10_whores
Rating: G
Word Count: 649
Summary: Over the years, ten different people are seduced by Bellatrix. Some she only toys with, some she takes to her bed, some she regrets, and one, she loves.

Pigeon Wings )
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Title: Satisfied
Pairing: Bellatrix/Lily
Prompt: Gift for glowing neon, who requested "Bellatrix/Lily with hints of Black sister!incest"
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1 686
Summary: Lily can't help being attracted to Bellatrix, but she's quite sure that Bellatrix wouldn't want her. She's a Mudblood, after all.

Satisfied )
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Title: Keeping Control
Pairing: Rodolphus/Rabastan
Prompt: Fluffy, smutty Rod/Rab for [ profile] couture_girl_20
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2 300
Summary: Rodolphus controls himself more than Rabastan does, but that doesn't mean he's above giving in to his brother sometimes...
Warnings: Incest, public sex acts, orgasm denial

Keeping Control )
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Title: Places I Remember
Character: Sirius Black
Prompt: "Places I remember" for Weekly Quick Fic #6 on [ profile] writerverse
Rating: G
Word Count: 369
Summary: Sometimes, Sirius liked to go back and look at Number 12, Grimmauld Place.

Places I Remember )
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Day One

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

Right, well, first thing, digging through the obscene amount that I've written was definitely the fun part of this one. I tried very hard to narrow it down to three, but I couldn't, so you're actually getting seven. Sorry...

Anyhow, let's get started.

These are the five works that, if everything else about me was forgotten, I'd want to have people remember. These are five that, not only do I consider my more solid work, but that more or less span the range of what I write. If I wanted to give people a good idea of the sort of things I write, these would be what I'd think about.

1. Ghost of a Rose (Rabastan/Andromeda, Rabastan/Voldemort). Okay, funny thing about this one, it's actually a companion to a similar story called Autumn Sky that I wrote before, which I would have considered one of my defining works before I wrote this. At first, I didn't like how this was going at all, but it picked up momentum as I went. I consider this a bit of a bridge between Autumn Sky and Les Étrangers - a bridge between my older, relatively light, more action-focussed style and my newer, darker, more character/world-building-based style.

2. Darkest Romance (Bellatrix/Voldemort). No Gamma!list would be complete without Bellamort, after all. Darkest Romance is a drabble collection, which is a genre that I have a beautiful love-hate relationship with on account of loving drabbles but rarely having the patience to finish collections. Darkest Romance isn't anything new or innovative, I don't think, but it is pretty much the prototypical example of Bellamort.

3. Roses Lie Waiting (Narcissa). This is where I started to get really quite morbid in my writing. Up until this point, I primarily wrote angsty but ultimately non-traumatizing stories about unpleasant moments in peoples' lives, and this remains one of the darkest things I've written, rivalled only by Cassiopeia's Asylum. Roses Lie Waiting was also the first time that I really started creating head!canon for the Black family that remained consistent for any period of time, and it irrevocably changed my opinion on Cygnus Black. *Shudders*

4. Fascination of the Darkest Kind (Lily Luna). I've gone on about this one before, so I'll be brief. This is where I started getting autobiographical, where I started exploring not only the twisted psyches of my characters, but also of myself, taking my own thoughts, neuroses and obsessions to their logical conclusion at a level higher than what they'd reached in me. I'm working on a longer, more detailed version of this story, and if I was anywhere near done, I'd put it in this slot, but it's not, so.

5. Innocent (Luna). This also goes in the category of "feels like no one ever saw" :P This was rather experimental for me - I don't often write Luna's point of view (because DAMN, she's difficult), but the idea of writing Luna, not as the quirky, cheerful character she is in OotP and HBP, but more as a rather disturbed, socially isolated, emotionally undeveloped, slightly creepy character with a very poor grasp of how to interact with others (which, at times, she kind of is)... that appealed to me. I want to work with that character more, but Innocent was the reason I became interested in it in the first place.

Day Two
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom and maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

In the interest of fairness, of course, I've chosen to do five of these as well. These don't have any particular theme - they're just fanworks that I keep going back to over and over again.

1. Dancing in Snow (Luna). AAWWWWWW. LOOK AT LUNA AND HER LILAC CLOTHES AND HER HAT AND HER RADISH EARRINGS AND HER HAIR AND THE SNOWFLAKES AND JUST SQUEEEEEEEEE ♥ I can't even say anything coherent about this, it just makes me feel so happy and wintery and wanting of Luna's coat.

2. Pansy/Blaise and I'm not sure if this has a title. Delphine, darling, does it? *Ahem* Let me just make clear from the start that nearlyconscious is A FABULOUS ARTIST and everything she touches is gorgeous. I especially like this because it's also funny on so many different levels (which get progressively more wrong the longer you think about it, so that's always good!). Do check out her fanart tag and look at everything else too :)

3. Marked for Death (Death Eaters). It's a little disturbing to go back and read this now and realize how much this one story shaped me. I read it before I got into the fandom properly, when I was just dipping my toes in in secret and it... wow. Details about the characterization (Rabastan, most notably, but the other characters as well) were parts of my head!canon when I started writing, and they only became better-established as I went on. The world is fantastic, the characters are fantastic, and unlike most things in the "humour" category in, it's legitimately funny. I owe a lot to this story, and everyone should read it.

4. My Immortal by Zenia Wulfe (Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way). Okay, the first couple of videos in this series are... not so great, but then Zenia Wulfe hits her stride and these become ONE OF THE BEST ADAPTATIONS OF MY IMMORTAL THAT I'VE EVER SEEN. I consider My Immortal deeply hilarious, and the art going along with them is brilliant.

5. Rising Up (Draco/Luna). Hey, friends, do YOU like getting your heart torn out and stomped into the ground? Do you feel an urge to inject more heartbreak into your life? If so, you should read this. I won't go into too much detail for fear of spoiling it, but... tears were shed over this.
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Title: Lily's Christmas Present
Pairing: Draco/Lily Luna
Prompt: "Scorpius Malfoy/Lily Luna Potter, Draco Malfoy/Lily Luna Potter. Draco accidentally stumbles across his son and his sexy girlfriend, Lily, engaged in a little naughty Christmas fun in front of the tree at the Manor one night and can't stop watching. Little does he know, but Lily was aware of Draco's peeping. Can be as fluffy or dark as you want, author." on [ profile] nextgen_mas
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2 500
Summary: Draco has plenty of reasons why he shouldn't want Lily Luna Potter – she's his son's girlfriend, and Harry's daughter besides. But that doesn't quite stop him…
Warnings: Sexual content. Cross-gen. Lily is of age, but just barely. Infidelity.

Lily's Christmas Present )
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Title: Immorality
Pairing: Lily/Bellatrix
Prompt: [ profile] interhouse_fest: Lily chooses to stand aside when the Dark Lord comes to kill her son, and instead of killing her, he brings her to his headquarters as a 'gift' for his most faithful servant.
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 2 300
Summary: Lily stood aside when the Dark Lord told her to. It was a mistake, and one that it would only be right for her to pay for.
Warnings: Psychological trauma, murder, captive situation, implied non-con, child death

Immorality )
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TItle: I Have Missed You
Pairing: Bellatrix/Voldemort
Prompt: Shotput, Round 3 - A 1 000 word fic about your OTP, in the 2012 Hogwarts Games
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1 000
Summary: After fourteen years in Azkaban, Bellatrix expects no more tenderness from the Dark Lord than she received before Azkaban.

I Have Missed You )
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Title: Helping the Client
Pairing: Percy/Rodolphus
Prompt: "Twice a year, Percy Weasley takes two weeks' holiday from his job at the Ministry. But he doesn't go to Brixton or Paris or Rome as he pretends. No, Percy sells himself-expensively, very expensively-as a sub to the highest bidder. For two weeks, Percy satisfies his master's every need-and leaves with money enough to continue a life in relative luxury" at [ profile] hp_sexstars
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3 700
Summary: Percy has tried to make the work he takes on outside the Ministry as clinical as he can manage. It’s so dreadfully inconvenient to become emotionally invested in the circumstances of a client.

Helping the Client )
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Title: Remind Me
Pairing: Rodolphus/Rabastan
Prompt: JoeCool989's birthday!  Rodolphus Lestrange and "He could practically taste the metallic tang of blood" on the Death Eater Multiple Round Competition 
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 800
Summary: It's been a long time since Rodolphus has seen anyone, spoken to anyone, touched anyone. 
Warnings: Incest

Remind Me )
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Title: Innocent
Character: Luna Lovegood
Prompt: #81 at [ profile] hp_darkfest
Rating: R
Word Count: 2 100
Summary: Luna slips away from the Battle of Hogwarts, and then the weight of other peoples’ lives is placed upon her shoulders.
Warnings: Violent/warlike imagery

Innocent )
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Title: Desire to Serve
Pairing: Bellatrix/Voldemort
Prompt: "Forever is a long time" on the Death Eater Multiple Round Competition
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1 300
Summary: The Dark Lord told Bellatrix that he had no wish for her to be a Death Eater, and nothing else could possibly have upset her as much as that.

Desire to Serve )
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Title: Yours, Narcissa
Pairing: Rodolphus/Narcissa
Prompt: "Write from the perspective of letters being exchanged over a long distance" on [ profile] y3llowdaisi3s' Magic Competition
Rating: G
Word Count: 800
Summary: Rodolphus is permitted to send one letter from Azkaban, and he chooses to write to Narcissa.

Yours, Narcissa )
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Title: Angel and Devil
Pairing: Rose/Lily Luna/Draco
Prompt: "At Malfoy Manor for Scorpius's annual Halloween party, twenty-something Rose and Lily find themselves at Mr. Malfoy's mercy. Or is he at theirs?" at [ profile] samhain_smut
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3 700
Summary: ...At Malfoy Manor for Scorpius's annual Halloween party, twenty-something Rose and Lily find themselves at Mr. Malfoy's mercy. Or is he at theirs?
Warnings: Threesome, light bondage, skimpy Halloween costumes, Devil tail!sex, a bit of general discomfort, and Lily Luna being a bit of a crazy bitch.

Angel and Devil )
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Title: And Your Soul
Pairing: Bellatrix/Voldemort
Prompt: "In medieval times, dark witches were said to make love to the devil. Old myths do have some truth" at the [ profile] hp_creatures Halloween fest
Rating: R
Word Count: 2 300
Summary: Bellatrix wishes to give herself to the Dark Lord – to give whatever part of herself he desires.
Author's Notes: Oh my gosh, everyone who followed the fest, was it not TOTALLY DIFFICULT to tell that this was mine?

And Your Soul )
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Title: To Alice
Pairing: Lucius/Alice (mentions of Lucius/Narcissa and Narcissa/Rodolphus)
Prompt: Lucius Malfoy and "Malfoys do not cry" on Round One of the Ultimate Death Eater Competition
Rating: PG
Word Count: 800
Summary: It breaks Lucius's heart to see Alice in St. Mungo's. It's even worse to know that he wouldn't care if it were anyone else.

To Alice )

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Title: Runaway
Pairing(s): Bellatrix/Andromeda
Recipient: For [ profile] rumpledlinen in the [ profile] darkwitches Dark Femmeslash exchange.  Gifted to the community, as [ profile] rumpledlinen dropped out.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,200
Summary: Andromeda has good reason to want to leave home, but not good enough reason for Bellatrix.
Warnings: Incest, references to abuse
Author's Notes: The ever-fabulous [ profile] nearlyconscious wrote for me - it's here at the community.

Runaway )
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Title: Bump in the Night
Character: Luna +Death Eater?
Prompt: "Write a scary story" for Challenge #23 on [ profile] writerverse.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 400
Summary: Luna often feels disquieted when she takes walks alone at night. Sometimes, it would seem, she has good reason.

Bump in the Night )
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Title: Say It, Daphne
Pairing: Daphne/Pansy
Prompt: From [ profile] nearlyconscious, for [ profile] hp_kink_memesDaphne/Pansy - dirty talk: Dirty talk (and sweet talk if you feel like it, too) is my sole requirement, the rest is up to you, go wild!
Rating: (Soft) NC-17
Word Count: 500
Summary: Daphne doesn't want Pansy to touch her - not in public. At least, part of her doesn't...

Say It, Daphne )
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Title: So Good, Cissy
Pairing: Bellatrix/Rodolphus/Narcissa
Prompt: This art by [ profile] nearlyconscious :D
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1 600
Summary: Narcissa fantasizes over Bellatrix and Rodolphus, and when her fantasies come to fruition, she can't decide whether she hates it or loves it...

So Good, Cissy )

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Title: For Her Sake
Characters: Dudley and Pansy
Prompt: Dudley/Any, "Hell is yourself and the only redemption is when a person puts himself aside to feel deeply for another person." – Tennessee Williams for [ profile] dudley_redeemed 2012
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1,700
Summary: Dudley’s never met anyone like Pansy before, and he’s certainly never been in the position to help someone like her.
Warning(s): Violence, attempted rape

For Her Sake )


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