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I felt like looking at some pictures and doing something not too brain-killing, so I've made some EA bases for people to either use as icons or alter to make into way better icons :D

All the pictures are from the Enchant era, since that's my favourite era from her... she just looked so beautiful and mystical in all the pictures, and the album is so I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT. So.

Somebody called me a paranoid angel... )
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Hi all! Today was my last day of school before the holiday break, so yay for that. *Relaxes onto bed*

I sent in [ profile] yuletide last night and I'm consumed with anxiety that the recipient won't like it D:

I went out and bought nail polish for myself as a early auto-Christmas Present. L'oréal "Red Tote" (deep red) and Rimmel "Rags to Riches" (shimmery olive green). Pretty pretty.

I've already claimed my prompt for [ profile] hp_kinkfest and I'm in love with it ♥ (although, I was looking over the prompts just now, and I realized that I missed one with CBT as the kink and younger female Dom/older male sub as the pairing request and now I'm lamenting the loss of the chance to write Bellamort CBT... (maybe it'll still be free when I'm done with the one I have...?)

I've gone on about Rachel Macwhirter before, of course, and I'm about to go on about her again. The Experiment <--- this song is amazing and brilliant. Rachel Macwhirter deserves so much more attention than she's currently getting and YOU SHOULD JUST GO LISTEN TO THE SONG, ALL RIGHT? Listen to Fairytale too, it's giving me shivers.
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Pride: I am DONE WITH [ profile] interhouse_fest.  HURRAH.  It's been eating my brain for days, so nice to have that finished.

NaNo Rambling: So, I've started trying to come up with names for characters, and damn, I'd forgotten how hard it is to come up with names that work for contemporary-era stories.  I think I've settled on Sarah Carter for a heroine - have any of you ever heard of anyone named Sarah Carter?  If there's someone by that name who's well-known, I'll come up with a new one.  Still rather stuck on a name for the romantic hero, though... I'm leaning towards Caleb for a first name...

Alana Grace: I was going to try to pinpoint a few lines of the song "Obsession" that make me think of Bellamort... but no, I'm just going to copy out the lyrics and give you the video.

Inside my insecurities, I hide imperfections.
I find a blurred reality inviting
Get lost in the intensity and get off on rejection,

I only feel alive when I
Can't have it, yet I want it,
Need it, breathe it, my addiction.
So wrong, that's why I like it,
Taste it, crave it, my affliction.
The longing, the waiting, the thrill of going crazy
It's my next obsession.

I fill these vacancies of mine with unhealthy fascinations.
It's so clear I'm never satisfied,
It's blinding.
Too late, no matter how I try, I can't break my fixation–

I only feel alive when I
Can't have it, yet I want it, 
Need it, breathe it, my addiction.
So wrong, that's why I like it,
Taste it, crave it, my affliction.
The longing, the waiting, the thrill of going crazy
It's my next obsession.

Suffocating in the sensations...
It's irrational.

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You know who's awesome?  Rachel Macwhirter.  You know who deserves to be wildly famous for her music?  Rachel Macwhirter.  You know who also has the excellent distinction of being a fangirl, even though she's a fangirl of The Hunger Games and a variety of anime, rather than Harry Potter?  Rachel Macwhirter.

Seriously, every time I hear one of her songs, I'm reminded of how amazing she is and then I get this urge to share her with everyone I know.

So here I am, sharing her.

Top Ten Rachel Macwhirter Songs You Need To Listen To Right Now

*Gamma Fangirls* )

Yeah, you try to tell me that that isn't one of the most amazing things you've heard.  You just try to tell me that.
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Title: (Curiously shading-free) EA
Subject: Emilie Autumn
Rating: G
Medium: Pencil on paper
Description: Sketch of Emilie Autumn from a photograph.

Once again, I had to do the hold-the-sketchbook-up-to-the-camera thing, so apologies both for the poor quality and backwardsness.  I do like how her hair turned out, I'll say that... 

Both photo and sketch beneath cut )

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Type: Icons
Subject: Emilie Autumn
Number: 30

23 pictures (some with text)
6 lyrics
1 logo

Rated PG-13 for semi-nudity.

i'm blessed with the ability to rend a grown man tongue-tied... )


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