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At last!  At last, the AO3 collection for [ profile] het_bigbang is public.

This is wildly exciting.  I have this huge grin on my face and part of me just wants to hug my computer.  And now I'm going to blather about them.  Because I can.

First, about my Harry Potter story.

Okay... I procrastinated way too much on this thing, and to my serious detriment.  By the time I started to get towards the end, it was sucking the life out of me and I fear that it became a bit too repetative and angst-laden.


But I still love it - every single word.  The agony that I inflicted upon myself over it was well worth it, because I've never before written anything that so thoroughly examines what a pair of bitches Rodolphus and Narcissa are.  I loved stepping back from the somewhat romanticised image of them that I can have in one-shots and drabbles and portraying them as two really awful people who are tearing apart everyone they care about and themselves as well.  

AND THE ART.  The art is here, by [ profile] twisted_slinky, and I just love it.  The pictures (Candice Night!Narcissa!  :D) and the composition are just lovely - dark and shadowy and beautiful and really wonderful.

And my Crucible story

This is... actually the first thing I've ever written in a fandom outside of Harry Potter (I don't count Twilight parody crossover things).  And what a first non-HP thing to write!  The Crucible caught my imagination in a big way when we read it last year in school (as I'm sure you all know by now) and I loved the twisted, obsessive, dangerous dysfunctionality of John/Abigail (I'd already signed up for [ profile] het_bigbang with Narcissa/Rodolphus when we read The Crucible and I was just like "screw it, signing up twice").  Again, I just love that everyone in the story is horrible and I do hope that no one (least of all John) came across as entirely sympathetic.  John's a bastard.  Which, of course, is what I love about him.

It was odd having to do research for fanfiction.  I... didn't do much, so I'm sure that there are historical innaccuracies all over the place, but I feel like I got to do some fun detail-putting-in that I don't usually get to do when I'm writing for Harry Potter.  Like John's sons' names.  And the mould on the rye.

AND THERE'S A FANMIX FOR IT.  It's here, and [ profile] tree did some very awesome music finding and I've listened to the mix several times already because everything in it fits so well into the story.  If I hadn't only started listening well after I wrote most of it, I'd think I'd internalized the lyrics (the line I think the Good Book is missing some pages comes to mind) and subconciously written the story with them in mind.  I think finding music that fits tonally with a story based on The Crucible must be a terrible task, given the Puritan's dislike of music, but almost all of it (and especially Icicle by Tori Amos and First Snow by Clint Mansell) had exactly the right sound.  I also like that - while according to her notes, most of the songs were chosen with Abigail in mind - a lot of them fit John as well...

I'm going to start posting my two stories here and at soonish.  I don't need to post all at once, the way I've had to with other big bangs, so I'll space out the chapters a little more.  

Now, I believe I shall go puruse all the other things that people have written...
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Because August is almost over, [ profile] het_bigbang is almost over, and I want more prompt tables.

[ profile] 2x5obsessions
   Because everyone is a fan...

Author: [ profile] gamma_x_orionis
Fandom: Harry Potter
Claim: Bellatrix/Voldemort
1. A Black Shirt
2. The Middle of Night by the Castle Clock
3. Wicked Truths
4. News
5. Through Leaves of Green
Progress: 0/5
[ profile] 2x5obsessions
    Because everyone is a fan...

Author: [ profile] gamma_x_orionis
Fandom: The Crucible
Claim: John/Abigail
1. A Succession of Ordinary Days
2. A Lost Childhood Memory
3. Faded Paper
4. The Rumble of Thunder of an Approaching Storm
5. Nightmares
Progress: 0/5

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Is there anyone hanging about this journal with the time/inclination to beta a 25K (or so) John/Abigail (The Crucible) story?  It's for the [ profile] het_bigbang, hard R or soft NC-17 (I'll need to actually finish writing the sex scene(s) before I can say which it will end up being...), and I just need someone to read through it for flow and to check for any glaringly obvious spelling/grammar errors (which would most likely be caused by me hitting the wrong keys or forgetting what I was trying to say while typing).  I'm relatively confident with my characterizations, so if you haven't read The Crucible since grade eleven but still want to give it a whirl, it shouldn't be a problem...

If anyone is willing, could you please pop me a comment or message?  I can send the first (roughly) 10K (read: the part I've actually finished) right away, and the next (roughly) 10K (read: the part that is currently only vaguely outlined) within a week or two (when i've finished it).

I'll be grateful to you forever if you help me with this.  Seriously.  I'll be your eternal slave.


EDIT - Beta found!  Thank you, [ profile] rumpledlinen!
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  1. I finally got started properly on my Harry Potter entry for the [ profile] het_bigbang.  Just in time for the check-in.
  2. And I broke the 5K mark on my Crucible entry.
  3. Did you know, internet, that according to my (admittedly meagre) research, Puritans were actually kind of sexually liberated?  For the time, I mean.  They actually thought that sex (between married people; premarital and extramarital sex was still hugely bad) was not only good, but a religious duty.  If you didn't please your spouse, that was like... a sin.
  4. Which means that Elizabeth Proctor's angst at the end of the Crucible about how everything was her fault because she didn't have enough sex with John... would actually have been kind of historically justified.
  5. Except also kind of not because adultery was still worse than just being frigid.
  6. To which I say "Fuck historical accuracy!  I'm writing fanfiction, not historical fiction!  John Proctor will be as sexually repressed as I want him, no matter what the Puritans were actually like!"
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List thirteen of your favourite characters in no particular order.
  1. Abigail Williams
  2. Elizabeth Proctor
  3. Reverend Parris
  4. John Proctor
  5. Reverend Hale
  6. Betty Parris
  7. Mary Warren
  8. Mercy Lewis
  9. Judge Danforth
  10. Rebecca Nurse
  11. Hester Prynne (Crossover time!)
  12. Abigail Williams (again... I'm running out of characters here!)
  13. Satan

WTF, Salem? )

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Come Little Children - Hocus Pocus
Weep not, poor children, for life is this way...
Murdering beauty and passion...

Shalott - Emilie Autumn
She's locked up with a spinning wheel...
She can't recall what it was like to feel, she says...
"This room's going to be my grave"...

Opheliac - Emilie Autumn
You know the games I play and the words I say when I want my own way...
You know the lies I tell when I've gone through Hell...

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga (Orchestal Mix)
I want you ugly, I want your design...
Because you're a criminal as long as you're mine...

I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace (Acoustic Cover)
I hate everything about you...
Why do I love you?

God Thinks - Voltaire
God, God
God thinks all people like you are hateful
God thinks all people like you are an embarrassment to creation
Self-righteous, judgmental, first to throw the stone
And using His name for your own agenda

Feathery Wings - Voltaire
Don't leave me here, I hate it here
You're gone from here, don't leave me here, 
I need you here, I need to see you smile...

Hellfire - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
God have mercy on her... God have mercy on me...
But she will be mine or she will burn!

Hellfire fan mix on Youtube
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Normally, I try to post only well thought-out rants and musings or fan things of my own creation, but I felt that this warranted a post all its own.  I'll try not to make this too regular an occurrence.


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