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Gamma is sick.

Stomach flu, I think.

Here, have a gif of Ginny and Parvati dancing.

Maybe it's just that the sickness has messed with my head, but I could watch that for hours.
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The Good
  • [ profile] kink_bigbang IS OPEN.  Like, really, could there be a more perfect big bang for me?
  • The [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles humpathon is FILLED WITH AWESOME PROMPTS.  You should definitely go check them all out - there's a huge variety of pairings and prompts.
  • Not giving too much away (because I like keeping secrets!), but [ profile] hamimifk and I are working on something totally exciting (two totally exciting connected things, actually) that is making me squee a little bit inside just thinking about it.
The Bad
  • Still sick.  I was doing better, but I threw up this morning, which is an automatic "stay home" as far as I'm concerned.  (I don't know if "threw up" is even the right term.  More like "coughed up the contents of my stomach").  Yee-haw.  (As a bonus, I was supposed to be working on a project on the Spanish Inquisition.  I hope my group has successfully finished without me)
  • Needtofinish[ profile] polybigbangshitshitshit.  In hindsight, starting it the day before it was due was probably not the best idea (but I only need to write 2 400 words before it reaches the minimum length, so that's actually not to bad...)
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Every.  Damn.  Year.

Every damn year, starting as soon as the heat comes on and not ending until the heat goes off (which means October-May), I get sick.

I can only imagine that there's some sort of special dust in our heating system that I'm allergic to.  I slept with my window open last night and that did help a little (as in, the clean air meant I didn't almost choke to death like I did the night before) but it's already getting down to -10 Celsius at night and it'll be far worse by December, so that's a temporary fix and not a very effective one.  Especially because I doubt the cold does anything good for my immune system :/

So I'm sitting in bed with a running nose and dry, swollen throat and hoping that tea and smut will improve my state.

All donations of sympathy are gratefully received.


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