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Draco/Luna: my pairing has Stockholm Syndrome )

Hmm.  Now that I've said all that, I'm going to have a wicked time coming up with new things to say for the Draco/Hermione, Draco/Ginny and Draco/Harry posts.

Ah, well, that's why it's a challenge!
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So, Gamma doesn't have enough to do... Camp NaNo and all that... pfft.  Gamma thought it would be fun to do something that was easier on her brain.  And since Gamma never gets tired of talking about pairings and shipping and so forth, she is going to do the 100 Things Blogging Challenge on...

100 Harry Potter Pairings, and Why I Love Them (Or Not)

Let's begin.

Bellamort: The OTP to end all OTPs )
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As anyone who has taken even the most casual of glances at this journal will probably have guessed, I write fanfiction.  Lots of it.  Unapologetically.
As anyone who knows me a little better/knew me in November/stalked me really, really thoroughly/noticed that there's a fictionpress link in my sidebar will know, I also write original fiction.
Now, today, one of the pretty little featured communities was [ profile] ohnotheydidnt, which I generally avoid, because... "The celebrities are disposable"?  Seriously?  Fuck that.  But the post was about fanfiction, so I clicked on it.

My thoughts are as follows:

  • How curious that all the authors they bothered to quote were anti-fanfiction.
  • A greater variety of views on fanfiction can be read here.
  • This.  And especially this.
  • All right, people of [ profile] ohnotheydidnt, I've read interviews with JK Rowling that talk about her view about fanfiction, and actually, she has said that she doesn't mind even X-rated Harry Potter fanfiction, so long as it is properly warned for and kept out of reach of small children.
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Post the first lines of your last 20 fics. Do you see a pattern?
Since I'm not actually genuinely sure when I updated and such, I'll just go with the last 20 that show up when I hit "published" on

Fics and lines below cut... )
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These are some questions that I've been getting a lot and the answers to them:

Will you read my story?
Possibly, depending on the characters, pairings, length and my mood upon receiving the request.

Will you join my RP?
No, sorry.  Role-playing is not my thing (unless it's in bed).

Why do you ship Bellamort?
It's the ultimate example of a tragic romance - she will always love him (Word of God agrees), will never be requited, and lives with that heartbreak despite it.  Plus... canon sadomasochism.  It's sexy as fuck.

Why do you ship Druna?
It is as sweet as Bellamort is tragic.  While Bellamort is all about loving someone in hopeless futility, Druna is an example of profound redemption - Draco learning to appreciate someone for themselves despite being initially scornful of their strangeness, and Luna learning not to be as naive.  Besides, Luna is the most Pureblooded of all the "Good Side" girls (and boys, for that matter), so unless you're willing to keep Draco with a Slytherin, she's his best bet.

Is Druella/Abraxas canon?  Has JKR actually said that they had a relationship?
No, but it is a very well-established part of my head-canon that makes sense to me and to most who encounter it (barring very dedicated Lucius/Narcissa shippers who balk at the incestuous implications)

When will you update The Great Bella Body Switch?
When I feel like it.

How do you write so much?
I have no other life.

What forums do you participate in?
Besides The Druna Appreciators Society, I'm active in Bellatrix Lestrange: The Dark Lord's Most Faithful, Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges and Hogwarts Online II.

What stories are you working on/going to be working on in the near future?
Les Étrangers is my current project, and will be updated every week.

Is Rowling By Proxy still functioning?

Is The Druna Appreciators Society active?

Will you write more about Cassiopeia Black?

Will you write [Insert Death Eater or Black family-related story idea here]?
It's quite possible.

Will you write [insert non-Death Eater or Black family-related story idea here]?
Possibly not, but I appreciate the thought.

Can I make podfic/fanart/vids/mixes/whatever for your stories?
Yes, yes, yes!  PM me to let me know you're doing it so that I can sing your praises.

How can I contact you?
You can comment here or to my Livejournal, PM me on, or email me at


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