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Dreadful excited! I finally picked up a card :D If you haven't already, you should check out [ profile] all_the_squee and get yourself a card to help motivate yourself to participate more in the HP fandom :)

3 recs for current fest pieces rec something that made you think craft: 1 comment LDWS competition: vote every week comment on essay or other meta
Custom Challenge rec a performance (cosplay, wrock, puppet, etc) recs for 5 different pairings create an award and give it in a comment icons or banners: 1 comment
fic: 10 1-3 word comments archived works: 3 comment Custom Challenge art: 1 paragraph comment 3 comments on a fest's first year
art: 5 1-2 sentence comments rec something funny 5 recs for fic from personal journals Custom Challenge 2 recs made in a forum outside lj/ij/dw
suggest a Bingo square comment on 4 podfics Custom Challenge Custom Challenge art: 10 1-3 word comments
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The Heroine Big Bang is back!
[ profile] heroinebigbang was the first big bang I ever did (I did it last year and wrote "Roses Lie Waiting", which is still one of my favourite things that I've written) and I'm extremely excited to see it coming back! It's a 15 000 word big bang where works must centre around a female main character, which means that everyone should do it because there always needs to be more female-centric work in the fandom! :D

There's also another big bang - run by the same person who's doing the heroine big bang - that's just announced itself. [ profile] villainbigbang is also a 15K big bang, and the theme for it is (obviously) villains. I'd love to see Voldemort and the Death Eaters get some representation there, guys! :D

Third big bang thing: [ profile] kink_bigbang is still looking for artists! There are a great variety of stories and fandoms that still need to be claimed including mine - it would be wonderful if those with some artistic skill could pop out and participate :D
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First off, I'm now done the first semester of my last year in high school (thank GOD, finally!) and aside from, ahem, forgetting to hand in a few psych assignments (and, um, one or two English assignments <.< >.>) I think everything went okay. I've spent the last two weeks running around trying to do damage control (read: hand in the more important assignments for those classes), but now I'll finally be able to get caught up with gifting/reading/reviewing/posting/etc. YAY!

Now, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who voted in [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll, because results went up today, and...

I'm so excited that "Her Lips Were Sweet" won first place - weirded out too, I'll admit! :D I popped "Her Lips Were Sweet" off in about twenty minutes for a femmeslash competition, and this is now the second award it's won (third, in a way, since one of the awards it won had two different tiers...). Odd xD No complaints, though! And I issue enormous congratulations to everyone else whose work was nominated and/or placed in the awards! :D

NOW LOOK LOOK AT THE PRETTY THING [ profile] flyingharmony MADE FOR ME!!!

There's something extra-special about Crucible-themed gifts that just makes me grin extra-wide (not that HP gifts don't make me grin extra-wide, of course!) Also, DAMN, Daniel Day-Lewis is just mmmmm! I totally get why Abigail would go about killing half the village for him ;)

Claiming at [ profile] dysfuncentine is open! There are a lot of really amazing prompts ready to be claimed - every conceivable pairing, plus lots of "any" ones. Go here for the prompt list/claiming post!

[ profile] femmefest still needs more participants - it makes Gamma sad to see so few people signing up for such an awesome exchange. I will never understand why femmeslash is so underrepresented, but y'all should help fix that ;) (It makes me very happy to see so many people on my f'list signed up already, by the way - I hope I get to write for one of you!)

Posting is on for the winter fest at [ profile] rarepair_shorts, and SOMEONE WROTE ME LUCIUS/ALICE HOW DO I EVEN EXPRESS MY HAPPINESS?  Lucius/Alice is one of the absolute rarest pairings of the many rare pairings that I ship - by which I mean that up until now, exactly no one except me (to my knowledge) ever written a real romance involving them.  NO ONE.  It's here and you should all read it :)  (Also, I bet none of you can guess what I wrote for the exchange... *giggles*).  I'm going to go through and try to read them all later...

So, how are you all?  
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Prompting has ended and the creating period has begun at [ profile] lily_and_black, and if you've been feeling any sort of urge to create Lily/Black family-themed fanworks, you should definitely go check out the prompts. There were a lot of very interesting ones, and I can't write them all myself, so you should :)

Prompting has also begun at [ profile] hp_getlucky! I'm still debating how and what to prompt - most pairings I like don't lend themselves spectacularly well to the theme of good luck, to be quite honest.  My version of "fluffy" is pretty much "less emotional abuse than usual".

all the comments (Harry) by evening12

[ profile] all_the_squee is a new community, created by the fabulous [ profile] smallbrownfrog with the purpose of promoting activity in the Harry Potter fandom. You can participate in [ profile] all_the_squee by reccing and commenting on fanworks (there will be bingo cards coming soon, with squares that you can fill by doing a certain amount of commenting and/or reccing), and by offering custom challenges to celebrate specific aspects of the fandom (full details on that here). The bottom line is: You should participate in this community, because Gamma wants to see the Harry Potter fandom as full of activity as possible... and you want to make Gamma happy, don't you?

Finally, I'm creating accountability for myself by saying here that I'm going to do the fandom snowflake challenge ([community profile] snowflake_challenge ).  I would do day one tonight, but it's two in the morning and I'm half asleep, but stay tuned for that in the very near future.
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Hello everyone!  How are you?  Good?  Festive-feeling?  I'm festive-feeling.

I LOVE DECEMBER.  It's my favourite month.  I feel like there's just happiness in the air, even here, where the weather is absolutely miserable.  So you're all going to have to quietly sit through my Christmas/Holiday squee :)

HEY HEY HEY GUYS.  You want to celebrate post-Christmas with Lily and the Blacks, right?  You want to go leave prompts for this fest, right?  You know you want to :D  Come on, I need you to help me get through January and February, which are my least favourite months...

Or if you don't want to celebrate with Lily and the Blacks, how about celebrating with Draco and Luna?

Banner made by [ profile] swissmarg

I've extended the prompting period until the fifteenth, so you should pop on over and leave some Draco/Luna prompts :)  (Threesomes/moresomes are also allowed... *entices*)

Or how about being an elf and granting some wishes? [community profile] fandom_stocking is open, with wish lists from all sorts of people!  Comment to their posts with all sorts of festive goodness :)  PS: The Harry Potter tag is here.  PPS: My stocking is here ;)

[ profile] mini_fest is posting, and I believe that certain people on my friends list have a) had awesome things posted on it already and/or b) are writing multiple things for it.  I'm setting aside time this weekend to go through and read everything, it's all so lovely.

[ profile] nextgen_mas is also posting!  Try to guess which story I wrote ;)
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*Cough* Apologies for totally monopolizing your flist tonight :P I hope you don't hate me too much.

If it's any consolation, I come bearing tidings of a(nother) community!

High Stakes Word Wars

[ profile] highstakes_ww is a word war community at heart, but it's so much more than that. Instead of just starting a war and writing - which, I've noticed from other word war comms, usually ends up giving most people about 500 words to 45 minutes - you have a word war, and the loser writes the winner a drabble.

Can I even begin to detail all the ways in which this is an awesome idea?

I'll admit that it seemed a touch counterproductive to me at first (the person having more trouble writing writes more? Hmm...), but it offers AMAZING incentive to write faster than whoever you're warring against.

The incomparable [ profile] y3llowdaisi3s has already written me a story for it - it's here, and you should go read it so that you can see what sort of amazing prizes you can get by participating. WHAT MORE INCENTIVE COULD YOU POSSIBLY NEED?

High Stakes Word Wars
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[ profile] writerverse is a writing-centred land comm. It runs in a relatively standard way: You get assigned to a team (poetry or prose; prose is the awesomest team because I'm on it ;) ), there are challenges of various sorts, you get points for completing challenges, and you get to practice your writing while you do it. What's not to love, right?

There's an awesome amount of variety in the challenges - there are "weekly quick fics", where you're given a list of prompts and have to incorporate at least one or two of them into a fic, there are specific challenges where you write, for example, different types of stories or poetry, nonfiction, or even do something other than just writing, like cartooning or outlining.

I definitely recommend checking it out if you're interested in improving your writing skills, meeting new awesome people, and generally having a good (word-filled!) time.


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