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Dreadful excited! I finally picked up a card :D If you haven't already, you should check out [ profile] all_the_squee and get yourself a card to help motivate yourself to participate more in the HP fandom :)

3 recs for current fest pieces rec something that made you think craft: 1 comment LDWS competition: vote every week comment on essay or other meta
Custom Challenge rec a performance (cosplay, wrock, puppet, etc) recs for 5 different pairings create an award and give it in a comment icons or banners: 1 comment
fic: 10 1-3 word comments archived works: 3 comment Custom Challenge art: 1 paragraph comment 3 comments on a fest's first year
art: 5 1-2 sentence comments rec something funny 5 recs for fic from personal journals Custom Challenge 2 recs made in a forum outside lj/ij/dw
suggest a Bingo square comment on 4 podfics Custom Challenge Custom Challenge art: 10 1-3 word comments
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Cuts are not cooperating with me... I'm sorry :(

On the other hand: Card for [community profile] trope_bingo - what's not to be excited about? :)

au: bandfuck or dievirginfic / secretly a virginau: were / vamp / supernaturalanimal transformation
slaveficau: hooker / porn / stripperau: coffee shopforced to marryau: magic
immortality / reincarnationcross-dressingFREE

fake relationshiplocked in
snowed inkiss to save the daysecret twin / doppelgangersex pollenau: all-human
genderswapday at the beachau: spacewingficau: other
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I'm very susceptible to the powers of peer pressure and kinky prompts.  Like, oh my Lord... I got almost all of the kinks that I wanted (not quite all of them, but...)

I decided to do a 9x9 card (because, hey, 81 prompts instead of 25 - what's not to like?) and I'm still waiting for a response from the mods so I can change a three of the prompts I'm not so sure about writing. Edit: They've been replaced :3  But I want to put the card up now so that I don't lose it.

B-I-N-G-O! )
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Addicted? Me?  No way...
[ profile] kinky_prompts table || Claim: Bellatrix Lestrange
Table )
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Because August is almost over, [ profile] het_bigbang is almost over, and I want more prompt tables.

[ profile] 2x5obsessions
   Because everyone is a fan...

Author: [ profile] gamma_x_orionis
Fandom: Harry Potter
Claim: Bellatrix/Voldemort
1. A Black Shirt
2. The Middle of Night by the Castle Clock
3. Wicked Truths
4. News
5. Through Leaves of Green
Progress: 0/5
[ profile] 2x5obsessions
    Because everyone is a fan...

Author: [ profile] gamma_x_orionis
Fandom: The Crucible
Claim: John/Abigail
1. A Succession of Ordinary Days
2. A Lost Childhood Memory
3. Faded Paper
4. The Rumble of Thunder of an Approaching Storm
5. Nightmares
Progress: 0/5

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01. Themed Table
|| Kink ||
02. Themed Table
|| Mental Illnesses ||
03. Un-Themed Table
|| Five ||
04. Un-Themed Table
|| Six ||
05. 'Inspired By'
|| Fairy Tales ||
06. 'Inspired By'  
|| Master Plots ||
07. Genre Table
|| Plot?  What plot? ||
08. Genre Table
|| Pounce!Porn ||
09. Pick Your Own
|| Saucy Theme ||
10. Pick Your Own
|| Romance Theme ||
11. Pick Your Own
|| Cliche Theme ||
12. Pick Your Own
|| AU Genre ||
13. Pick Your Own
|| Meta Genre ||
14. Pick Your Own
|| Angst Genre ||
15. Pick Your Own
|| Size Matters ||
16. Pick Your Own
|| Point of View ||
17. Pick Your Own
|| H/C Genre ||

18. Pick Your Own
|| Fantasy Theme 

19. Pick Your Own
|| Inspired by Songs ||
20. Pick Your Own
|| Fluff Genre ||

Flist, do you love me for not spamming you with all twenty tables?
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Apology / Forgiveness Shower (event) Singing in the shower Living alone Birthmark / Mole / etc
Grand romantic gesture Giggle Making new friends Building / Creating something Cooking for someone
Love notes Blood WILD CARD Playing with hair Labor
Head/Scalp/Temple rubbing Comfortable silence Upset Stomach MealOnline dating/relationship
Culture Unexpected love Glowing with happiness Foot rub Meet Cute

Thank you, [ profile] hamimifk, for coding the table for me :D
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Why do I always fall in love with semi-dead prompt communities?
So, the point of [ profile] 10_whores is to write the same character in ten different pairings.  I've actually been planning to do something like this for over a year but never quite got around to it... and now...
Shiny prompts.
So I'm just going to do this table for my own entertainment.
(I changed the order on them because it's my entertainment and I shall do as I please.)

[ profile] 10_whores
[ profile] gamma_x_orionis
Claim: Bellatrix Lestrange
Progress: 1/10
1. Belle Epoque || Belle Époque
2. Pigeon's Wings
3. House at Night
4. Covered Up
5. Prometheus
6. The Mirror is Broken
7. Hitchhiker
8. Incense and Tobacco
9. Bad Poetry
10. Evil Snake

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[ profile] 20_est_relships

01.Celebration02.Surprise03.Pleasure04.Past Times
05.Forgiveness06.Pain - Whips and Wrackspurts07.Understanding08.Loss

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Claim: Harry Potter and The Crucible
1.One Wild Night2.I'm the King/Queen of the Sheets3.Vampire Loving4.All About the Games you Play5.Reenacting My Favourite Fantasy
6.Romantic Night7.A Little Quickie Behind the Doors8.No More Teasing, Baby9.Come to Me10.Jezebel
11.To Live without is Death12.Nice and Rough, or Gentle and Tender13.Switching Roles14.Can't stop watching you15.When the Lights go Out, the Lovers Play
16.Impatient Nympho17.No Humour in my Tone18.Intoxicated with your taste19.Dreams do come true when I think of you20.My fairytale
21.One more time22.There's wicked thoughts behind your eyes23.Under the Roses24.Memories of Love25.The sound of your breath on my cheek
26.Until there's nothing left of us27.Last chance28.You won't be turned away29.To touch the Devil30.Virtue was not convenient
31.The back of your hand32.Graceful ends33.Do you ever think you'd rather be with me instead?34.You got lucky35.He always smiles
36.Only to decieve your senses37.Because it is my name!38.It's a way of expressing our humanity39.I'm the whore of Babylon40.The chase is on
41.A whisper, sacred and profound42.So I could find God between your legs tonight43.Meet me in the back44.Think of all the things your hands could make45.Master and slave
46.Stranded in the storm47.Vampire and Human48.Witch and non-witch49.Master of the Manor and Governess50.Rich Lord and a poor orphan trying to save her home or family
51.On opposite sides52.Teacher and single parent53.Rugged Rancher/Cowboy and city girl54.Wake up married55.Mail order bride
56.Mistaken identity57.Hooker and wealthy client58.Long-seperated lovers59.Playboy and his more serious neighbour/employee60.Willing to do anything for money
61.Divorcee and a mysterious stranger62.Must marry to inherit63.Nobleman and penniless orphaned relative64.Highwayman65.Princess and bodyguard
66.Running from an Arranged Marriage and Falling for a Stranger who Turns out to be the Groom67.Blackmailed into marriage68.Indecent proposal69.He swore off women after being hurt, they're all deceitful. Then he met her, but what is she hiding?70.Marriage as a business arrangement
71.Revenge72.I was in the heat of the moment73.It just seemed like "the thing to do"74.I desired emotional closeness75.I wanted to feel closer to God
76.It's exciting, adventurous77.I wanted to make up after a fight 78.I wanted to get rid of aggression79.I was under the influence of drugs80.I wanted to express my love for the person
81.I wanted to experience physical pleasure82.I felt like I owed it to the person83.I was physically forced to84.I was verbally coerced into it85.I wanted the person to love me
86.I wanted to have a child87.I wanted to make someone jealous88.I was married and you're supposed to89.I was tired of being a virgin90.I wanted to feel loved
91.I wanted to gain control of the person92.I wanted to display submission/be submissive93.I wanted to act out a fantasy94.I wanted to "possess" the person95.I wanted to hurt/humiliate the person
96.I wanted to be used or degraded97.I wanted to dominate the other person98.I wanted to punish myself99.It was an initiation right to a club or organization100.I wanted to make my partner feel powerful

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fanbingo seems to be a touch on the dead side, so I put together my own card to amuse myself.

AphrodisiacsHolidays and vacationsCharacter StudyDiaries and JournalsBetrayal
Rescue me/"damsel in distress"Marriage arrangementsSecrets and LiesBackstoryJealousy
Sleeplessness and insomniaFuck or dieVirginityPre-canon fic
Hooker AUFirst timesSex god or goddessHarlequin AUThreesomes and moresomes
Dark!ficImprisonmentAbduction and kidnappingWoke up in bed togetherIllness

Wildcard icon by [ profile] atellix
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I've been so excited about joining [ profile] writerverse - I'm on [ profile] team_prose and writing for it is going to be awesome.

#PromptWord Count#PromptWord Count#PromptWord Count
#01LostWC#02Moon#03Song (Be Ok)WC
#04Picture (Butterflies)WC#05"Make a Wish"WC#06Song (Fotografia)WC
#07Picture (Eternal)Sonnet or Sestina#08Never and AlwaysN/A#09QuoteWC
#10BalloonsWC#11Tiananmen SquareWC#12PencilsWC
#13QuoteWC#14HeroesWC#15Rocking HorseWC

Rules (f-locked, I think)

#01LostDrabble 100 words.
#03Song (Be Ok)Drabble
#04Picture (Butterflies)Drabble
#05"Make a Wish"Drabble
#06Song (Fotografia)Story 1k+
#07Picture (Eternal)Sonnet or Sestina
#08Never and AlwaysScreenplay
#09Quote: "There was always a minority afraid of something, and a great majority afraid of the dark, afraid of the future, afraid of the past, afraid of the present, afraid of themselves and shadows of themselves." Ray Bradbury (Usher II)1st Person (500+)
#10Balloons2nd Person (500+)
#11Tiananmen SquareHistorical Fiction (250+)
#12PencilsStory 1k+
#13Quote: "Most of us are unaware of our deep-seated faith in numbers." Carl Eckart Our Modern Idol: Mathematical ScienceStory 1k+
#14HeroesNo dialogue, 250+
#15Rocking Horse444 words, exactly :)

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My dear friend, Violet Scarlet Lily, is leaving  I shall thus indulge her love of angst and Lily Luna Potter, and create for her a Lily Luna drabble collection to commemorate her (and, hopefully, to bring her back).  Much combing of my music library has resulted in these choices of lyrics to inspire the drabbles, because I cannot work without prompts, it would seem. 

Keep these words forever as reminder of what sends a dying Lily to the lake... (Lily Maid – Heather Dale)
It's getting dark, and it's all too quiet and I can't trust anything now... (Haunted – Taylor Swift)
♥ How do I save you from a fate so sweet?  (Save You – Emilie Autumn)
♥ The one thing that I'm sure about is that you won't be anywhere around me when I fall... (My Fairweather Friend – Emilie Autumn)
♥ There's no reason to laugh or to sing... (Balloon Girl – Hungry Lucy)
♥ I always wanted to know how to use his madness against him... (To Kill a King – Hungry Lucy)
♥ Dear God, I can't believe in you. (Dear God – XTC)

Entire collection is Haunted Little Girl at
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Claim: Bellatrix/Voldemort, Progress: 0/69

6.Restraints7.Feather8.Leather9.Massage10.Candle Wax
41.Sluts42.Relationships43.Talking Dirty44.Sweet Nothings45.Proposition
51.Lips52.Role Play53.Threesome54.Self-Love55.Voyeur
56.Cyber57.Phone Encounter58.Strangers59.Best Friends60.Enemies
66.Wrong67.Writer's Choice68.Writer's Choice69.Writer's Choice


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