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I felt like making a couple icons (instead of doing actual work *shifty eyes*) and everyone needs a squeeing icon, so.

Enjoy them :3
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I felt like looking at some pictures and doing something not too brain-killing, so I've made some EA bases for people to either use as icons or alter to make into way better icons :D

All the pictures are from the Enchant era, since that's my favourite era from her... she just looked so beautiful and mystical in all the pictures, and the album is so I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT. So.

Somebody called me a paranoid angel... )
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Type: Icons
Subject: Emilie Autumn
Number: 30

23 pictures (some with text)
6 lyrics
1 logo

Rated PG-13 for semi-nudity.

i'm blessed with the ability to rend a grown man tongue-tied... )
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The Original Horcrux
Light of Day

Pictures: Possibly a sun somewhere. Someone that looks like Rose, someone that looks like Scorpius.
Text: Title please and a little motto quotey type thing. "When love burns, you cry a little and then wait for the light of day, because it always comes" and my name :)
Any other Comments: I love you :)

Finally Found You

Pictures: Kurt and Blaine and a microphone in the middle.
Text: Title, "you can't help who you love" and "By Nayla and Chloe"
Any other Comments: I love you x100 :)

Challenge Excepted

Pictures: Dianna Agron as Emma and Emma Roberts with reddy brown hair as Rose. Under T.
Text: "It's on" or the title


Pictures: Bonnie Wright at ten or eleven with Percy? Or Audrey (Brown hair, green eyes) and Percy. Under T


Pictures: Well, my usual dreamcast for James is a darkhaired Cameron Mitchell (who is naturally a blonde -- my avvie is him), so if making his hair black is difficult, then you can use Joe Jonas!

Text: Hmm, I think "the nine girls he fell for" would be good, thanks!

Any other comments: Thanks and good luck!


Pictures: Just a pic of each of the sisters, and make it dark, of course. ;) I don't mind who you cast as Andromeda - I'm sure you have an idea. :)

Text: The title, please. :)

Any other comments: Thank you so much for this!

Couture Girl
The Beginning of the End

Pictures: A Golden Key, and if it has intricate designs even better! The background can you get a photo of the Department of Mysteries? If not then something spooky as he background.

Text: The title by Couture Girl

Comments: Thank you!

purple nargles101
Letters to You

Pictures: Maybe a young Daniel Radcliffe at privet drive if that's okay.
Text: just the title please
Comments: thank you so much _

Charming Charlie

Pictures: I would love you forever if you could find a way to superimpose the pic of the cherry branch over top of "Charlie" and just have the title on there somewhere. :)

All You Need is Love

Pictures: Just something simple that represents love/relationships, like clasped hands or something like that. Text: The title, please. Comments: Thank you so much, and I'll be reviewing one of your stories soon!


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