Sep. 16th, 2012

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...Well, no, actually, it's totally not almost Christmas.  It's three whole months and a couple of days until Christmas, obviously.  But, you know, this is Gammaland and time moves differently here.

So anyway.

Festive as I am, I've decided that I want to make things for as many of my lovely friends as possible.  I like making presents and I like making people happy and so on SO.

Leave a comment to this post with a character or pairing and some sort of prompt.  A scenario, a kink, a phrase, a quote, really, anything.  In fact, leave two characters/pairings and two prompts and I'll make you two things.  Leave up to five and I'll make up to five things.  They don't have to be holiday-themed, but they totally can be if you want them to be.

So, your comment might look something like this...

  • Why, hello, Gamma, you enchanting creature, you!  I would like...
  • Hermione/Ginny, staying up all night
  • Luna, making Christmas gifts
  • Kreacher/Narcissa, bondage

And yes, I would willingly write the last one, so don't be afraid to be weird ;)

Once you've left your character(s)/pairing(s) and prompt(s), I will get started on writing drabbles/ficlets/fics/something for them.  Then, around Christmas, I will post everything and it will be like having Christmas presents.

If you specifically do or do not want smut, then you should probably mention it, because if you don't, I might add smut to completely innocent prompts or (less likely) write suggestive prompts innocently.  And if there's anything that I haven't made clear, don't be afraid to ask, because I can't tell when I'm making sense and when I'm not.

Stuff that I have confidence in my ability to write:
♥ Harry Potter. Almost anything, but I doubt my abilities to write Harry/Draco or Harry/Snape.  (I will, however, make graphics for them if you want me to!)  Other than that, I'll do anything that pleases you, my dear friends.
♥ The Crucible.  Any pairing or characters.  Anything.
♥ Twilight.  Anything that doesn't involve the "werewolves".
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I'm very susceptible to the powers of peer pressure and kinky prompts.  Like, oh my Lord... I got almost all of the kinks that I wanted (not quite all of them, but...)

I decided to do a 9x9 card (because, hey, 81 prompts instead of 25 - what's not to like?) and I'm still waiting for a response from the mods so I can change a three of the prompts I'm not so sure about writing. Edit: They've been replaced :3  But I want to put the card up now so that I don't lose it.

B-I-N-G-O! )
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Title: Free Love
Pairing: Draco/Luna
Prompt: "Draco/Luna: Draco thinks that sex is something that's only meant to happen after marriage with the intention of producing babies. Luna thinks that sex is something to be accepted and embraced as a wonderful part of human life." on [ profile] deflower_draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3 400
Summary: Draco does not want to discuss his sex life – or lack thereof – with Luna Lovegood. Especially not alone in the girl's bathroom with her shirt half off.
Warnings: Sex (bordering on underage - 15/16)

Free Love )

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Title: Trespassing
Pairing: Lily Luna/Pansy
Prompt: "Trespassing" on the Pairing One Hour Challenge/Hardest Challenge Ever, "Spanking" on my [ profile] homebrewbingo card.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1 000
Summary: Professor Parkinson catches Lily Luna sneaking around in her office and punishes her...
Warnings: Student/teacher, possible underage (Lily's age is unspecified), non-con, spanking, wand insertion… fun stuff.

Trespassing )

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Title: Girls' Needs
Pairing: Dominique/Fleur
Prompt: "Take a walk" on the One Hour Challenge/Hardest Challenge Ever
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 800
Summary: Fleur is willing to satisfy her daughter's "needs".
Warnings: Underage, mother/daughter incest.

Apologies for all the posting today - I hope you don't all hate me too much...

Girls' Needs )


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